A little piece from Ali Part #2

As Ali’s Accelerator Journey draws to a close we take a moment to reflect and delve into what life on the other side really looks like, what it feels like and what behaviours it takes to really make a change.

Join us on Ali’s 6 week journey: Week #2 of 6

“Despite my best efforts to be organised, the start of week two was bumpy. Not having the time (or more truthfully, making time) to meal plan and shop meant some creative My Fitness Pal entries. Accurate, but creative. The bumpy start did however teach me the importance of inputting my food into My Fitness Pal in the morning. The creativity came to play when adding what I wanted to eat, what I knew I could grab from work and then swapping elements in and out. Doing this ensured I met the protein target and kept the calories down. It also meant I could be 100% honest with myself throughout the day about my food choices and protecting me from crying over a pitifully small or un-delicious dinner at the end of it.

By Tuesday evening I had eventually got my self together and decided to get a bit more creative in the kitchen to keep me focused. The Katsu chicken wrap was a favourite in our house this week. All the effort to keep calories low and protein high during the week was in preparation for facing my biggest challenge; the weekend.

I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of girl, so as good as I am during the week, I get a sniff of a snack at the weekend and I end up shoulder deep in a ‘share’ bag of Doritos that only the force of an emergency rescue unit could extract me from.  Knowing this, I’ve changed my Saturday routine to include a visit to TIF. A good work out has helped me keep super focused on the task at hand. The environment of TIF really helps too, having people ask how you’re getting on is a small thing to them, but I leave feeling refreshed and the snack trigger finger a little less itchy.

The weekends are also usually when I spend some quality time with my beloved; wine. This Accelerator programme has been hard on us both. I did consider giving up booze all together over the next six weeks, but I don’t think it will help me in the long run. Also, and more importantly, I don’t want to. I’ve been inputting my wine and food calories for the weekend on a Thursday now, I don’t stick to it religiously, but it does stop me from going wild, and has definitely helped me stick to targets as closely as possible. Doing this has also shown me just how much a big session costs me in calories, not to mention the drunken chippy stop on the way home and the self-loathing, yet healing, Maccies the next day.

Another really helpful tactic to avoid me wasting all my week’s hard work on a beautiful bottle of Merlot, is trying to arrange social activities around working out. Going on long and hilly walks with friends has been a god send, not only do I move a bit more, it makes me try to be sensible the evening before. As a woman who has climbed many a mountain with a red wine hangover, I urge you to avoid it.”

– Ali
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