Covid-19: What we’re doing to keep you safe

Your safety is our number one priority. We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping the gym spotlessly clean. We’ve never believed in packing in the numbers and rows of endless equipment. We’re already in a good place, but the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation deserves new levels of stringency. Our response is to instigate a strict plan of initiatives to protect and reassure our members when we reopen the gym.

Current practice

Our Personal Training is only ever carried out in groups of four.

Our Pod System creates natural training separation within the gym.

Equipment is cleaned on the hour every hour, which means you’ll always be coming in to freshly disinfected equipment and there’s absolutely zero sharing during sessions.

Sessions are set to 50 minutes to allow a thorough sanitisation of all our kit before the next session arrives.

New initiatives

We’ve completely redecorated – there isn’t a corner left untouched.

We’ve contracted an external agency to sanitise the entire space each and every month.

We’ve intsalled hand sanitisers at the necessary touch points.

Each training station is positioned at least 2 metres apart.

Our coaching team and members are all fully briefed on correct practices.

Got questions?
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