Ditch the Scales

“I’ve always been obsessed with the number on the scales. I’ve done the ‘weighing myself 3 times a day to see how my weight changed’ to not weighing myself at all because I didn’t want to know the ‘truth.’

Initially I wasn’t keen on the using a new piece of software to assess my body compositional readings but decided in order to make a change I needed to face the facts. My initial results were worse than I thought but when we broke it down it all made sense. I left knowing what calories I needed and where else I needed to make adjustments, such as increasing my protein intake.

2 weeks in I had a slight wobble but was offered some fabulous support and encouragement and I was advised to stick to the plan with the reassurance that we could review at the next point of check in if needed.

My second check in came around which quite honestly I wasn’t looking forward to. The readings showed that my weight had barely changed to which the disappointment set in. Once we’d gathered all the readings we spent some time looking past the weight and at the numbers as a whole and I was pleasantly surprised. Whilst my weight hadn’t changed as much as I’d hoped the other markers had infact changed quite considerably. I’d lost body fat and increased my muscle mass.

This has been the only thing that has ever stopped my obsession with the number on the scales. I could see for the first time where things had actually changed, and all for the better. I no longer think about the scales and about how much I weigh.

I’ve another check in point coming up in 2 weeks time and previously I’d have come up with an excuse had I not have lost any weight on the scales. This time, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. I can see now how my body is changing. I’m still not where I want to be, but for the first time in a very long time I know it’s all going the right way and I’m happy with the journey in between.”

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