Simon’s Experience Of This Is Fitness

I’ve been a member of This Is Fitness (TIF) for 3 months now and in parallel with exercise and looking at my caloric intake I’ve lost two stone. At the outset I set myself two goals

1) to lose 30lbs by Christmas
2) 50lbs in total by Easter

I’m pleased to say I’m well on my way to achieving these goals with the support of TIF.

I partake in 3 Small Group Personal Training Sessions  every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For me, despite trying, I struggle making the early morning sessions so I find the early evening sessions work better for me because my body performs better. To my surprise I don’t favour a particular training style which is testament to how well the sessions are structured. Every member of staff is constantly on their A-game supporting me throughout every session, which gives me great confidence and ensures I’m moving in the right direction.

For that extra motivation I also use a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor which monitors and records all my data during session and is displayed on a monitor in the studio. To this this day I’m amazed at how many calories I burn in my sessions and how it pushes me to work that extra bit harder. Every month I have a check in to record my results, weight, body fat visceral fat, muscle mass and a measure to record the inches I’ve lost (I’m down two jeans sizes so far which is so satisfying).

I also do Yoga on a Wednesday evening which is again well run and a great compliment to my regular sessions (thank you Claudia). There’s also a lot to do with the staff and members outside of studio, from walking through the Peak District, running a 5K/10K to nights out in town (can’t wait for the Christmas party).

I’ve had some great nutritional advice that has helped me eat lovely fresh and fulfilling meals around 300 calories each and to my surprise I’ve even been told to increase my calorie intake to make sure I’m getting everything my body needs and optimize my weight lose (something I never thought would be the case!)

To be honest I’ve never really liked regular gyms because my sessions were never structured like they are at TIF and I would never work as hard or make as much progress as I do now. The other Members also make this a very special place, the atmosphere makes it so enjoyable to workout.

This Is Fitness is right at the top of their game, they are so passionate and focused on giving each and every member the very best experience and results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TIF. I’d like to thank The Team for developing this amazing place to spend a few very rewarding hours a week.

Simon Bruce (age 48)

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