Stuarts Experience Of This Is Fitness

Health for me has been very kind. Luckily for me I have been healthy all of my life up to now and I guess that’s where it starts. What you get genetically when you’re born but it’s also what happens to you in your younger years that can set your attitude to health and fitness. How and what you do with your body through your life really counts, and early days and circumstances have a big effect on your mindset and attitude to looking after yourself and what you eat and drink.

If you think about it nowadays we should all be fit as fiddles and eat well because there is so much information, guidance, advice, videos, books, cd’s ect ect out there that there should be no excuse for not being as healthy as you can be. But modern life is demanding both time wise, and financially, and that’s where it can start with stress and especially with food, we are surrounded by the stuff, quick meals, microwave food, fast food, and a walk down any high street is a gauntlet of all types of food on offer. Then there is alcohol, just take a little time to read up on what it does to you as a person and your health if you over indulge, it will help with your mindset and how you see it.

So what makes someone want to turn their life around, or change how they look after themselves, sometimes it’s a health scare, or seeing what happens to someone not taking care of themselves, and getting something like diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure or in most cases just getting time to do something about it. For me it was a mixture of seeing my mother getting diabetes, and how it affected her and her lifestyle, friends younger than me dying due to lifestyle, mainly diet and alcohol related, and then a photograph of me taken by my wife whilst we were on holiday of me coming out of the sea, I was taking up a lot of sunshine and manboobs, not a pleasant site, I mean it I was bloody ashamed!

So what to do like the majority of us I joined a gym, but it got boring, so it fizzled out, then my wife and I joined Weightwatchers which I have to say worked well for us as we both started eating properly, and lost weight, not rocket science I know but still not feeling great. How to combine the two and enjoy both, hey presto my daughter had joined This is Fitness and the difference my wife and I saw in her was fantastic, her mind set, her fitness levels, weight loss and she was so happy in herself. So I went along and had a Strategy Planning Session and talked about what I wanted to achieve, after which I joined for an initial 6 months. You just feel the difference at this Personal Training facility, it’s about the enthusiasm and expertise of the staff, the can do attitude, also when you are training the staff are on hand at all times to help and encourage you, and what’s really important is that you are not judged on what you look like or what problems you have, you are there to help yourself and be helped. They also do a number of external activities that they support and encourage people to take part in.

So since July 2018 I have lost about 8/9 pounds, but thanks to the varied routines I have toned up, increased some muscle, stamina is better, and hey, manboobs nearly gone. I am aware that nutrition and what I eat is a major part of this, exercise alone will not make you lose weight. Its hard work sometimes, it’s about getting the mindset I think once you have the knowledge and determination and backup you are on your way to getting and feeling healthier and fitter. I feel so much better mentally and cope better at work as well, I now look forward to my team training sessions and feel the need to do it, also all the members support and encourage each other as well.

So in a nutshell I consider myself lucky to have found This is Fitness, it’s ticked all the boxes for me to get healthy, fitter, and just generally feel better about myself.

-Stuart Mcginlay

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